How do we book services?

Simple, just fill out the application form available in the ‘Contact’ section. You will get a respond from us within 24 hours. If you prefer a different method of contact, you can always call us and we will do the rest from there, just a few simple answers to our questions.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes; a non-refundable booking deposit assures you the requested time and date. Once application  is received and confirmed by both parties, the non-refundable booking fee is due within 24 hours to guarantee booking. Due to high demand, we do not hold a date without one.  The booking deposit is not an additional cost, it simply goes towards the total agreed amount.

What should we expect from the Artist(s)?

 Artist(s) arrive 15-20 minutes prior to fully set up and to start exactly on the contracted start time. Artist(s) come fully equipped with a table and chair, and require a small well lit area to set up. If outside, sufficient covering in a proper shaded area away from any falling debris /leaves is recommended. We suggest you give guests ample time to get to your event to best maximize the art services. 

Are your paints safe for the skin?

Yes! We only use FDA Hypoallergenic cosmetic grade makeup  on all our guests. We make sure to keep a clean, sanitized, and organized kit at all times. We do extensive research in the products we use and are fully insured to give you peace of mind. Safety and Cleanliness is our top priority and it’s a key point when trying to book any company that offers face and body art services. We constantly monitor each artists’s kit making sure you receive a high quality and superb service.

What are your rates?

Our pricing sits in the average professional rate of $125-$150/hr. Our rate reflects speed, quality, commute, professional products used, insurance, punctuality, and a guaranteed satisfaction. All of our artists have dedicated years of training,  are fully insured, and are full-time working artists. Other artists who charge a lower rate do it as a hobby and commitment is not guaranteed, products used might not be skin-safe, and lack speed and/or creative designs. 

Do we need to provide you with anything?

No thank you. We have it all covered. Except the sun. We definitely need shade at all times. That is the only thing we ask of you. As for the rest, we take our own set up with table and high makeup chair if the service calls for it. However, there are times when the client has a specific appearance they want to maintain at their event and would like for us to use their tables  instead. 

Do you work with agents/event planners?

Absolutely! We love working with others. This only ensures that clients are getting the best quality service overall. If you wish to work with us, Please call or email us. Let's get straight to business!

We loved you at our event. What is the best way to share our experience?

Thank you! We appreciate and welcome any positive feedback. Any social media outlet is fine with us. We love seeing photos via Instagram, lovely reviews on Yelp! or Google, and of course our Facebook page. Don’t forget to tag us using #monliet and stay connected by following our Facebook page for updates!

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