This service is just one combo artist.

Takes about 2-4 min per balloon and 2-4 min per face painting design.

For your guest to enjoy both services, guest count should be about 10-15. 


$150/hr (Two hour minimum)

Face painting + Balloon Twisting

This service is just one artist.

Takes about 1-3 min per airbrushed design for either the face or arm.  Air brush paint is faster than traditional face paint and water resistant. It is also easy to remove with makeup wipe or soap with mild exfoliation. Artist will take already made balloon designs to distribute to your guests. You will receive about 25-30 balloon designs. 

$150/hr (Two hour minimum)

Airbrush Face Art + Balloons

These services are provided by two individual artists. Both artists will service two hours each.

Takes about 4-5 min per caricature drawing and 2-4 min per face paint design.

$450 (Two hours, Two Artists)

Face painter and Caricaturist

This service is just one artist.

Takes about 5 min per person.  Each guest will receive one hair clip on hair extension with glitter and a face paint design. For guests with short hair, we will paint on their hair with washable paint and add glitter if they wish. 


$150/hr (Two hour minimum)

Face painting + Unicorn Hair

This service is just one artist.

Each service takes about 3-4 min per guest. 

$150/hr (Two hour minimum)

Face paint + Glitter Tattoos

This service is one artist. Each service takes about 2-4 min per guest. Both services leaves a temporary tattoo that can stay on the skin up to 3 days or longer if taken cared of. Easy removal with alcohol or oils.

$150/hr (Two hour minimum)

Air brushed and Glitter Tattoos

You can add already made balloons when you book any service for two hours or more. The assigned artist will distribute the balloons to your guest or host can distribute them if they wish. Designs may very. You will see a variety of  boy, girl and neutral designs. 

$50 add on (Must book any two hour service)